Congratulations 2014 Best of Central Florida Winners!

Immersed 2014

Orlando's first-ever aquaculture art gallery exhibit.
Est 1,200 in attendance opening night (3 hours).
Aquarium sponsored by Fish Gallery.

Immersed 2014: Aquatic Terrarium Class

Christina instructs a hands-on educational class on aquatic terrariums.
Sponsored by Fancy Tails Fish Farm.

Immersed 2014

Jaime and Greg from Fish Gallery being interviewed.

Immersed 2014

Electric blue crayfish (Procambarus alleni).
Sponsored by Fish Gallery.

Immersed 2014

Christina making sure her aquatic terrariums
look perfect for opening night.
Sponsored by Fancy Tails Fish Farm.

Immersed 2014

Guests gather around the seahorse display.
Sponsored by Top Shelf Aquatics.

Immersed 2014

20+ heads of Frogspawn in the Clownfish display.
Sponsored by Top Shelf Aquatics.

Immersed 2014

CFLAS board members in a candid shot
as supporters Josh of Fishy Business and
John of Sevendust photobomb.

Immersed 2014: Sponsors

A huge thank you to all of our sponsors. With their support,
we were able to distribute over $4,500 in prizes!

2014 Calendar Release Party

We donated all net proceeds from the pre-sale to the Guy
Harvey Ocean Foundation. Est 1,800 in attendance (3 hours).
Sponsored by / The Food Truck Bazaar.

Meet Ricou Browning Giveaway 2013

Robert with Ricou Browning, Creature from the Black Lagoon.
Sponsored by Spooky Empire.

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Strengthening the Community

We strive to bring hobbyists together to share information and experiences in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. Whether young or old, experienced or beginner, we invite you to join our community.

Community Outreach

A fusion of Aquaculture, Ingenuity and Art isn’t just a tagline, it’s our motto. No matter what canvas you use to create art, we invite you to share it. Local artists can gain exposure through events and publications, while fish keepers can show off and critique their aqua-scapes and color morphs.

Creativity Connecting Culture

By empowering the local creative minds to collaborate and produce, we aim to generate increased culture in the community. In turn, the boost in culture will give rise to additional creativity!

Supporting Local Business

With a rich history in Central Florida, dating back to 1967, our key focus continues to be bringing attention to the high quality of aquaculture type businesses we have in the area.

Increasing Exposure

Grow your advertising platform by becoming a sponsor! With a targeted local outreach approaching 30,000 individuals, this is the perfect stage to start your new advertising campaign!

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We connect producers and consumers, for the benefit of both! Connect with a wide variety of people of all backgrounds that share a common interest. Whether you want an easily accessible knowledge base, a panel of experts or just some local friends to share your aquarium with, we have it all.

Vision 2020

Our vision serves as the foundation for which our entire operation is built upon. Strong and stable framework guides every aspect of our business by describing the goals we must meet in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth. Since 1967, the Central Florida Aquarium Society has been focused on community. It is the people that make the difference, contributing their knowledge for the benefit of all within our hobby. We work to establish long-term, strategic partnerships with local business, acquiring sponsorship for events that are beneficial to all involved. It is the drive for success and continued learning that mold us to what we are now, and who we will be in the years to come.

Cancun Underwater Museum, Mexico

Old-Fashioned Values with a Modern Approach

Our values are based around the golden rule. Treat everyone no different than how we would want to be treated – fairly and just. We are a firm believer in karma; delivering positive and knowledgeable content to the community. By working with others to achieve their goals, our own goals are met. We believe and practice that total transparency is key maintaining open community relations. We constantly think to create new ideas and concepts to fulfill or exceed the expectation of all stakeholders – Community members, sponsors, and team members. It is our synergy that allows us to establish relationships when we partner with our sponsors to deliver quality promotional events to the community. It is our passion for art that drives us to promote local artists, infusing culture into the hobby. It is our individual commitment to a group effort that defines our work ethics towards working as a team.

2014 Best of Central Florida and Beyond: Aquarist Edition Winners

Congratulations! Our inaugural 2014 Best of Central Florida received a total of 4,412 votes from 536 participants. We would like to thank our largest supporter of this event, Top Shelf Aquatics, who helped promote this great recognition program to the community. Winners, check your mail. We’d love to see some photos! We here at the ... more

Immersed 2014 Closing Party

Immersed has come and gone for 2014. This premier event was a huge success, thanks to our awesome community, partners, and sponsors like Fish Gallery, Marineland, Tetra, Eheim, Hagen, Fluval, AquaFX, Southern Delight Fish Foods, Top Shelf Aquatics, Fishy Business Aquarium, Fancy Tails Fish Farm, Dropcam, CityArts Factory, Downtown Arts District of Orlando, and Pink Hair ... more

Creating an Aquatic Terrarium Instructional Class

The Central Florida Aquarium Society and Fancy Tails Fish Farm have teamed up to bring you an exciting, fun, and educational class on how to create the beautiful glass aquatic terrariums as seen in our Immersed Aquaculture Art Gallery Exhibit. Cost This is a free class to join and observe. You may either bring your ... more

Call to Aquascaper – CFLAS Immersed

Hello Aquascapers, Hardscapers, Biotope Designers, ADA members, and Local Fish Shops, Title: Immersed Be the first to participate in Orlando’s first ever Aquaculture Art Gallery Exhibit with Immersed – a fusion of art and living aquaculture. Showcase your talents for aquascaping in the heart of Downtown Orlando for an entire month. This is a great ... more

Call to Artist – CFLAS Immersed

Hello Artists, Title: Immersed What is it like under the water? Who and what is alive there? All submissions must include water. The “call to artists” with all the details is included in the link below. All mediums accepted! Get creative, get wet and participate! Art Drop off Dates: Saturday, February 15th, Monday, February ... more

IceCap 660 Ballast Makes It’s Debut, Again!

After some time away from the aquarium industry, IceCap is officially back in the game, bringing with them their most popular product, the IceCap 660 ballast. The IC-660s are developed with the same technology as the classic 660 ballast but with some updated improvements like utilizing higher quality, non-lead “RoHS Compliant” integrated components for an ... more

Was Lionfish Research Hijacked by 12-Year Old from Palm Beach Florida?

A month following the announced lionfish ban in Florida, a 12-year-old south Florida girl accredited for breakthrough in lionfish research; mistaken accreditation, or plagiarism? Over the years, research regarding the invasive lionfish has been taking place, and in June 2014, Palm Beach resident, Lauren Arrington, is in the spotlight. Arrington presented a science fair project based on ... more

What do the St. Johns River and Flesh-Eating Bacteria Have in Common?

Earlier in the month, Professor Anthony Oullette of Jacksonville University led a class of three students on a mission to survey bacteria levels of the St. Johns River. The group navigated the river on a pontoon boat, collecting samples, and what they found may seem shocking. The study revealed that 4 out of 6 sites tested ... more

IceCap Smart RODI Packs a Ton of Great Features

Coming this fall of 2014, IceCap, a company once known for their 660 electronic ballasts, is relaunching with a number of new aquarium products including a state of the art new eco-friendly smart reverse osmosis system.  The IceCap EcoFriendly Smart RODI System is a 4 stage reverse osmosis system like no other. It is equipped ... more

Ruptured T-Rex Display Gets A Makeover

Earlier this year in March, the Central Florida Aquarium Society brought you the story on the aquarium at T-Rex Cafe rupturing, captured on video spilling thousands of gallons of water throughout the restaurant. But things are starting to look up, as our friends over at Poseidon Construction sent us some exclusive photos of the new ... more

What a tremendous way to share the hobby and share aquatic life, fresh and saltwater, with the community, do some education, and give artists a way to show off their work in really a different environment. I really applaud them for being creative with this!

Gary Parr & Christine Williams, Reef Threads


It has been such a growing experience and I am so extremely proud of how Immersed turned out!

CityArts Factory


There’s still time to catch the “Immersed” Exhibit at CityArts Factory!

David Wheeler, Chairman, Downtown Arts District


$3,500 dollar aquarium being auctioned during the CFLAS Immersed show!

CityArts Factory


CFLAS Immersed opens to rave reviews!


Artistically aquasculpted aquariums.

Orlando Weekly


Orlando’s First Aquaculture Art Exhibit. CFLAS is installing a webcam so that those who are unable to make it to the exhibit, are still able to view it.


Aquariums, whether large or small, are always a form of art, letting the designer express their creativity and style throughout the tank. The Central Florida Aquarium Society (CFLAS) will be hosting “Immersed”, Orlando’s first ever aquaculture art gallery exhibit. 


Water and Art come together…. We’ll see this from @officialcflas … The new exhibit will feature a mix of aquascaped and hardscaped aquariums as living art installations, along side a gallery lined with themed photography, paintings, sketches, and sculptures.

Central Florida Top 5


Central Florida Aquarium Society visits CowFish North Carolina Location, Hints at Orlando Awesomeness. Aquariums designed and installed by Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM), the guys from the reality TV show, Tanked!


Recently I was fortunate enough to receive a commission request from the Central Florida Aquarium Society (USA). I was asked if I would be interested in illustrating (and designing) a promotional poster and flyer for their future annual community art exhibition occurring in February. Naturally I said yes. If in Florida during February the 20th swing past the CityArts Factory for this exhibition which unites art with aquatic life.

Miranda Costa, MCDrawn


The move is being welcomed in Orlando and Ray Wise, Vice-Chairman of Central Florida Aquarium Society commented “It’s great to see another cultural attraction coming to the Orlando area. We are excited to see an increased interest in small-scale aquatics. This also means more skilled jobs in our local community.”

Nigel Worrall, Florida Leisure

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